25 Architects You Should Know

http://images.complex.com/complex/image/upload/c_limit,w_680/f_mp4,q_80,vc_auto/Lead_yay8rt.mp4 Architecture is one of humanity's most visible and long-lasting forms of expression, spanning the entire length of humanity. Most historic civilizations are even identified by their surviving architectural relics: the Pyramids of Giza in Egypt, the Golden Pavilion in Japan, or the Taj Mahal in India. Here, our list focuses on a few of the … Continue reading 25 Architects You Should Know


The Bartlett Residence

The Bartlett Residence was designed as a luxury vacation home in the middle of a dry tropical forest area. The property has a long and narrow building envelope area (limited by the development), that works parallel to the slope of the land, which is a fairly constant natural slope of around 30 to 35 degrees, forming into … Continue reading The Bartlett Residence

The Full List of the World’s 100 Largest Firms, Ranked by Size

Building Design has released their annual ranking, The WA100, of the world’s largest architecture firms. Coming in the #1 spot (up from #2 last year) is Aecom, who, with 1,370 employees worldwide, narrowly outranked Gensler (with 1,346 employees). Completing the top three was IBI Group (1,129 employees). Aecom, Gensler, and Japanese-based firm Nikken Sekkei (ranked … Continue reading The Full List of the World’s 100 Largest Firms, Ranked by Size